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Newest Ordinances:

1. Ordinance Number 15-16-697 - "An Ordinance Authorizing the conveyance by Quitclaim Deed to Mr. Robert Evans of certain real property owned by Edgefield County known as the undeveloped end portion of Tennessee Walker Lane and other documents related to the conveyance."


2. Ordinance Number 15-16-698 - "An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2, Article IV, Division 7 of the Edgefield County Code of Ordinances Entitled "Countywide Recreation Commission" to change the composition of the Countywide Recreation Commission."


3. Ordinance Number 15-16-699 - "An Ordinance Authorizing the Establishment Jointly by Aiken County and Edgefield County of a Multi-County Industrial and Business Park designated as "Aiken County/Edgefield County Park - North Augusta One" located in Aiken County in the City of North Augusta; Setting the boundaries of the park; Authorizing the execution and delivery of a Multi-County Park Agreement between Aiken and Edgefield Counties concerning, among other things, the Operation of the Park and the allocation of expenses and revenues from the park; and directing or authorizing such other actions as may be necessary or appropriate."


4. 15-16-700 -  “An Ordinance of the County of Edgefield to Amend Code Section 24-174(5)A of the Edgefield County Code of Ordinances.”


5. 15-16-701 - "An Ordinance authorizing the sale of 0.48 acres of certain real property owned by Edgefield County along with Railroad Avenue to Beth Padgett."


6. 15-16-702 - "An Ordinance Authorizing the issuance and sale of a not to exceed $2,000,000 General Obligation Refunding Bond, Series 2016, or such other appropriate series designation (Edgefield County Hospital Project), of Edgefield County, South Carolina; Fixing the form and details of the bond; Authorizing the Interim County Administrator or his Lawfully-Authorized Designee to determine certain matters relating to the bond; Providing for the payment of the bond and the disposition of the proceeds thereof; and other matters relating thereto.”


7. 15-16-703 - "An Ordinance of the County of Edgefield to Amend the Code of Ordinance by adding a New Regulation concerning Tax Incentives for Rehabilitated Historic Properties.”


Pending Ordinances:

These ordinances have not been given third reading by County Council.

Up for First Reading:


Up for Second Reading:


Up for Third Reading:

 1. 15-16-704 - "An Ordinance Providing for the FY 2016-2017 General Operating Budget and Establishing Ancillary Budgets for Debt Service, Industrial Park, E-911 Administration, Solid Waste Disposal, Victims’ Bill of Rights, Emergency Medical Services, Countywide Recreation, Road Maintenance, Tri-County Solicitor, Assistant Solicitor, School Resource Officer #1, School Resource Officer #2, School Resource Officer #3, Event Security, Sheriff Grants, Clerk of Court Grants, Pre Trial Intervention, SRO Grant, Criminal Domestic Violence, and County Tire."

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