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Newest Ordinances:

1. 15-16-704 - "An Ordinance Providing for the FY 2016-2017 General Operating Budget and Establishing Ancillary Budgets for Debt Service, Industrial Park, E-911 Administration, Solid Waste Disposal, Victims’ Bill of Rights, Emergency Medical Services, Countywide Recreation, Road Maintenance, Tri-County Solicitor, Assistant Solicitor, School Resource Officer #1, School Resource Officer #2, School Resource Officer #3, Event Security, Sheriff Grants, Clerk of Court Grants, Pre Trial Intervention, SRO Grant, Criminal Domestic Violence, and County Tire."


2. 15-16-705 - "An Ordinance modifying an Infrastructure Agreement between County of Edgefield and LL of SC, LLC, Dated May 5, 2015 and Establishing a Program to complete construction of certain roads in Mount Vintage Subdivision and other related actions.”


Pending Ordinances:

These ordinances have not been given third reading by County Council.

Up for First Reading:


Up for Second Reading:

1. 16-17-709 - "An Ordinance Authorizing the Conveyance by sale of approximately 15.8 acres of certain real property owned by Edgefield County to Tri-County Solid Waste Authority along Weaver Road and other documents related to the Conveyance."


2. 16-17-710 - "An Ordinance Establishing a Cable Television Franchise Fee for Comcast Cablevision of Georgia/South Carolina, Inc."


Up for Third Reading:

1. 16-17-706 - "An Ordinance amending Chapter 8, Section 154 of the Edgefield Code of Ordinances to update requirements of the International Building Code."


2. 16-17-707 - “Ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a fee agreement by and between Edgefield County, South Carolina and Project 007 providing for a payment of a fee in lieu of taxes and other matters related thereto.” - By Title Only


3. 16-17-708 - "An Ordinance to develop a Jointly Owned and Operated Industrial/Business Park in conjunction with Aiken County, such Industrial Business Park to be geographically located in Edgefield County and established pursuant to Sec. 4-1-170 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended; to provide for the expenses of the park, the percentage of revenue application, and the distribution of Fees in Lieu of Ad Valorem Taxation; and other matters related thereto.” - By Title Only



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