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Established in 1785, Edgefield County is a part of the Aiken/Augusta metropolitan statistical area.  It is located on the Savannah River just north of Augusta and north-west of Aiken County, covering an area of 506 square miles.   It has a population of approximately 27,000 (2010 census.)

The county has three incorporated municipalities; Edgefield, the County seat, Johnston and Trenton.   The county’s economy is balanced with approximately equal sectors of agriculture, manufacturing and services.  It is divided by the fall line with the north-western two thirds in the Piedmont and one third in the sandhill and ridge country.

Edgefield County is one of the largest peach producers in the United States and hence, thousands of rural acres color the area in a blaze of peach blossoms every spring.  In April, Johnston celebrates this spectacular display of nature with its annual Peach Blossom Festival, and in nearby Trenton the annual Peach Festival in June draws thousands of people from all over the southeast. Edgefield County is also the home of the headquarters for the National Wild Turkey Federation which is one of the most respected conservation organizations of its kind in the United States.

Many historians agree that few counties anywhere in the South can claim a history as full of color and controversy as the Old Edgefield District.   Over its 225 year history it has produced many prominent leaders of the State and Nation.  Historic homes and churches, and a remarkable collection of original County documents dating back to 1785 draw thousands of researchers and tourists each year. 

Edgefield County Updates

State of Edgefield County Report


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News and Notices:

1. Comprehensive Plan - Updated January 2015


2. Edgefield County now offers Smart911.  Sign up here today. 


3. Spay/Neuter Application & Information


4. Capital Improvement Plan


5. 2012 Updated Strategic Plan


6. October 2014 - Strategic Plan Progress Report


7. CTC Project Update Letter


Public Hearing Notices:

Public Hearing of Third Reading of Ordinance Number 14-15-687, “An Ordinance amending Division 5 of Article IV of Chapter 2 of the Edgefield County Code of Ordinances entitled “Hospital Board” by reducing the number of members of the Board of Trustees from Nine to Five Members Effective March 3, 2015; Requiring such  members to reside in the Council District from which appointed; Establishing the Terms of the Initial Members of the Five Member Board; Specifying the Procedures for the Board providing County Council with its budget for the succeeding fiscal year; Revising the powers and duties of the Board; Clarifying the Limitations on Indebtedness issued for the Hospital; Specifying the Reports and Audits that may be required by the County; Requiring the Board to follow certain Procedures with Respect to Fund Raising; Establishing a Council Liaison to the Board; And making related changes thereto.”



Edgefield County Council is inviting all of the religious leaders in the County to join us in our monthly meetings to give the invocation.  A religious leader is free to offer an invocation according to the dictates of his own conscience, but, in order to comply with applicable constitutional law, the Edgefield County Council requests that the public invocation opportunity not be exploited to proselytize or advance any one, or to disparage any other faith or belief.  We will need one religious leader for each of the regularly scheduled meetings.  These twelve slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  We will seek out the religious leaders of Edgefield County each year so that everyone that is interested has an opportunity.

If you are a religious leader that is interested please contact Jennifer Gilley at 803-637-4009 or with the contact information of the person that is willing to give the invocation.


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